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Glazen Tulp 2012

'Sunny Side Up' is the name of a very special series of Begonia’s. The breeding department of Koppe has worked for years to develop a Begonia that could improve the image of this plant. The Sunny White is the first result of these efforts. The Sunny White is sold this year and is the first color in a new collection. In 2013 an Orange and Pink version will be sold. They do also have a bright yellow heart and the beautiful big flowers.

Inspiration for the name of the Sunny Side Up came from... an egg. Sunny Side Up is the American name for a fried egg with the yolk remaining runny. The white flowers and the yellow heart just look like it.

Besides that the Sunny Side Up with the bright, fresh color and cheerful yellow heart takes the sun into your house. The extra large flowers with a diameter from 80-90 mm will let your interior shine like never before! This cheerful flowering plant will load your house with joy and color. Chique, Colorful and Trendy!

This ray of sunshine in your home is the perfect gift for you to yourself as well as to the people around you!

Glass Tulip 2012

During 2011, the first rounds of the glass tulip took place. This prize is each year awarded by FloraHolland to the best novelty of that year. There are several categories, houseplants, cut flowers, garden plants and concepts. The Sunny White of the SunnySideUp collection has won 1st prize in the category houseplants.

Glass Tulip 2012 Comments from the jury in the semifinals:
  • Fresh and cheerful plant that will appeal to a broad audience
  • Nice contrast between the white flower and the yellow heart
  • It is positive that several different colors of the Sunny will enter the market

Comments final jury at the finals:
  • This is not an 'old fashioned' plant
  • This is really new with these beautiful large flowers
  • Nostalgic, retro and very modern
  • Name chosen well: 'What you see is what you get'

TV gardener Rob Verlinden says that with such nice varieties, the Begonia will come back. This plant is also well suited for a younger audience. Myrna Goossens said that she knows the Begonia especially for sitting in het grandmothers windows and is therefore not a fan of the normal Begonia, but she definitely would want to buy this one because it looks so bright and beautiful and does not really look like a normal Begonia.
 Sunny Side Up

• Extra large (XL) flowers, 80-90 mm in diameter.

• A bright fresh white colour with a cheerful yellow heart.

• This ray of sunshine in your home is the perfect gift for you to yourself as well as to the people around you!

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